How Is Table Tennis Different From Other Racquet Sports?

Racquet sports are trendy worldwide, and many people enjoy them. All people love to play and watch them. The main noticeable difference between table tennis and racquet sports is that table tennis is played on a small surface area. 

In the realm of sports, table tennis shines with lightning-fast reflexes. As we examine this sensational activity, attention shifts to an interesting question, “How is table tennis different from other racquet sports?” Table tennis stands out in racquet sports, mixing competitions, and fitness. Table tennis stands out among games; its uniqueness distinguishes it from racquet sports. Its small playing area and lightweight ball make it, unlike any other racquet sport. 

We’ll see distinct differences when we compare it with other racquet sports. We will discuss here the unique characteristics that distinguish it from other games. Let’s start with the main topic. 

What Is Table Tennis?

Table tennis, often perceived as Tennis A Rich Person Sport, is a game played indoors by two or four people. In this game, the players stand at each end of the table, dividing it into two equal parts with a fixed net. It features a low net across the middle and involves hitting a small ball over the net using small bats.

Another name for table tennis is ping-pong and whiff-whaff. This game offers moderate-intensity activity that is good for your heart. It is the best way to get fit and stay in shape. Some necessary equipment for it is the following: 

Spherical balls

These are hollow balls made from celluloid and plastic materials. They have 40 mm in diameter and 2.7 g in weight. The balls used are mostly white and orange and can vary in color.

Table And Playing area

The table is rectangular, nine by 5 feet, and the upper area is plane. We use a 6 feet net in its middle. The playing area should be 8 m long by 4 m wide. It helps to give you reflexes and rest. 


On the international stage, people know it as a “racket,” while in the United States, people know it as a “paddle.” Plastic paddles could be better, while natural wood rackets with 85% thickness are best. 

What Are Racquet Sports?

The collection of sports involves the use of rackets to hit the ball for play. Players in these sports must be able to change direction quickly. They maintain their balance and generate the proper force for each stroke. These games are very beneficial for everyone. These games improve learning ability and grow your brain cells. We will discuss “How is table tennis different from other racquet sports?”. 

Most Popular Racquet Sports 

  1. Badminton 
  2. Squash
  3. Table tennis
  4. Racquetball
  5. Lawn tennis

Table Tennis Differ From Badminton Sport 

Badminton is an active sport played using racquets to hit a shuttlecock across a net. You can play it as a single player or with a larger team. It is a competitive sport that requires agility, speed, and skill. This sport increases your muscle strength and makes you strong. Table tennis and badminton are both different games from each other. 

  • Both games are played with a racquet, but badminton has a shuttlecock instead of a ball. 
  • Table tennis has a table court as a playing field, while badminton has a net supported by two posts. 
  • The rules of both games are different from each other. Badminton allows bounces, while table tennis allows one bounce only before striking. 

Table Tennis Differ From Lawn Tennis Sport

Table Tennis Differ From Lawn Tennis Sport  

It is also a racquet sport; its other name is court tennis. This game involves two players using strung rackets to hit a specific ball on a rectangular court. It helps to decrease osteoporosis risk and improves balance. The main difference between both games are:

  • The player will have only one bounce to hit the ball in the opposite direction.
  • A best-of-three or best-of-five rule is used that is not present in table tennis. 
  • The set is won by the player who wins six games. 
  • Players can play Lawn Tennis against a single opponent or two teams of two players.

Table Tennis Differ From Squash Sport 

Squash is another racquet sport that is a total body exercise. A racket-and-ball sport played by two or four players with a small rubber ball. It is played in a four-wall court. It would help if you only had a hollow small ball, racket, and comfortable clothing for this game. Squash is the opposite of table tennis.

  • The playfield is the main difference between squash and table tennis. 
  • In table tennis, there is you and your opponent. It would help if you were careful about your opposite person. It is a rather tricky racquet sport.
  • In Squash, you must keep your opponent while minding the wall. It is a rather challenging racquet sport.

Is Table Tennis An Olympic Sport?

Yes, table tennis is an Olympic sport. David Foster invented the table tennis sport in England. This game became an Olympic sport in 1988 with single or double competitions. It is for both women and men. Chinese Jing Chen won the first Olympic gold medal in table tennis. 


This article revealed, “How is table tennis different from other racquet sports?” In England, table tennis was played for the first time. Many people enjoy all these racquet sports because these sports are trendy nowadays. It is mainly known by another famous name that is ping pong. We discussed the necessary equipment for the tennis game here. As mentioned above, table tennis differs from other racquet sports like badminton, Squash, etc. 

There is a big difference between all of them. We explored the most popular racquet sports, including Badminton, Squash, Table tennis, and Racquetball. Lawn tennis, also discussed here, is an Olympic sport. All these games are important for your body because they are total body relaxation games. I hope you enjoyed it and learned more from here.

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